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Although it sounds like an uphill battle, it is possible to create a winning dissertation without any assistance. It may be that your supervisor is busy with their own research and cannot provide you with must assistance. Despite sounding like a precarious situation, it is will possible to be successful without the full help of your supervisor or someone else.

Creating a winning dissertation without any assistance

Structure and Format

You must know the structure and format of a thesis before you begin writing. Since you will l receive no help, it is entirely up to you to research such aspects of thesis writing and ensure that you are following all the rules.

In terms of format, every university has their own formatting guidelines, which means that there is no one standard format and guidelines for which font, size and referencing system are to be used. You should refer to your own faculty or university’s website to seek further information.

Dissertations have a very specific structure that must be followed. It is unlike the essays you will have written before, so you should make sure to prepare well for writing in each of the sections of a thesis. The structure should look like this:

  • Introduction: State your thesis statement here, and then provide the reader with information on how your paper will progress.
  • Literature Review: This section is about analyzing existing literature that has been published in your topic.
  • Methodology: The methodology section is an analysis of the method you will employ to try and prove your thesis statement.
  • Results: State the results you gathered fro your research
  • Discussion: Here, you analyze the results from the previous section. Sometimes the results and discussion are one large section.
  • Conclusion: In the conclusion, you bring everything together and assess whether or not the thesis statement has been proved through your research.


Although it can be tough to conduct thorough research without the help of your supervisor, it is still do able. If you are stuck with a certain concept, you can refer back to your course notes, or visit you university’s library to attempt to further understand aspects that you need further clarification on.

It's more than real!

As you can see, it is very much within the realm of reality to craft a winning dissertation without major assistance. Although not having assistance in the form of your supervisor can be a major hindrance, we have shown it is still possible to write an excellent paper.

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