A Great List Of Criminology Thesis Topic Ideas

Given the vastness of topics surrounding prevention, causes, and management of criminal behavior in both individual and social tiers, selecting a thesis topic in criminology may prove a daunting task.

While there is a panoply of topics at your disposal, poor selection may limit your performance, if not result in failure. To ensure optimal performance, you must write on topics offering solutions to current problems in your field.

This article discusses tips for acing a criminology law thesis and some potential thesis topics in criminology.

Possible thesis topics in criminology

  1. Radicalization management
  2. Identification of potential security threats before impact
  3. Optimal methods for curbing cyber crime
  4. Mental illness related to crime
  5. Identify theft
  6. Human trafficking
  7. Effectiveness of the judicial system and work training programs to inmates
  8. Adaptation of inmates to society
  9. Crime and social inequality
  10. Activism and riots
  11. Role of police and policing in the community
  12. Control of criminal behavior in urban centers
  13. Victimless crime? What it is and samples in modern society
  14. Private prisons? Are they a problem as compared to their public counterparts?
  15. Hacking and data breach control
  16. The effectiveness of rehab vs. reform
  17. How competent is the testimony of an eye witness? How can you gauge its creditworthiness?
  18. Methods of deterring various criminal activities
  19. Are alcohol-related offenses genuine or a scapegoat for premeditated attacks?
  20. Evaluation of projects initiated by the government to eradicate poverty
  21. Dysfunctional families and crime

Tips for writing the best criminology dissertation

  • The topic should be relevant

    To gain the maximum points in a thesis, it is essential to select an item corresponding to the field you are pursuing.

    Besides making an impression on the examining panel, this gives you leverage when searching for employment as potential employers can use this to gauge how well equipped you are in a particular topic.

  • Carry adequate research on the judicial implications

    Besides the reference materials, a criminology thesis calls for a proper understanding of laws that govern a subject under scrutiny. To show the extent of your research, engage various legal documents, and use these laws where possible to back up your argument.

  • Establishing the cause-and-effect relationship.

    In criminology, you have to establish a cause and effect of the thesis on the selected population. By doing this, you quickly tackle how every factor associated with the thesis statement; therefore, having an easier time supporting your argument.

  • Select your topic of interest

    For a more relaxed time preparing an essay, select an item where your interests lie. This not only aids in gathering points and ideas but also makes it easy to interconnect various arguments.

An excellent essay is the marriage of a persuasive topic and proper writing ethics. By engaging the issues mentioned above in criminology, you not only have a better point to gather more points but also a better chance to make an impression on the examiners.