The PhD Thesis Topics On Software Testing: Upcoming Issues Worth Researching

In a world that relies on computers, software testing is critical to the smooth running of a wide range of applications. If you are studying computing or any relevant subjects, then you may be required to complete a thesis based around the idea of software testing. In such a scenario, you may be wondering whether there are any upcoming issues that might be worth researching and writing about.

Finding good ideas for your paper

The precise way in which you narrow down a topic for your essay very much depends upon you as a person. Some people find it easy to use brainstorming techniques, whilst others would much rather set up a discussion group with fellow students, in which everyone can speak about their own thoughts, with the aim that you can inspire each other.

Another excellent way of thinking of good ideas is to simply read about the subject, and jot down any interesting thoughts that might come to mind. For example, you may wish to look at prewritten papers relating to the subject, as well as articles in magazines and publications relating to software and software testing. That’s not to say that you should copy any ideas precisely, merely you should use them as inspiration to help you think of something on your own.

In fact, if you like the idea of reading other people’s ideas to help inspire you, then you may find it interesting to read the list of suggestions below.

  • The pros and cons of static versus dynamic testing
  • The importance of compatibility testing, particularly over various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones
  • When creating a new piece of software, what is the importance of software testing, and how much of the budget should be dedicated towards this process?
  • An analysis of tracking and how once dangerous and/or disruptive individuals are now paid to use their skills to help security firms fight against tracking
  • The use of top-down and bottom-up testing, and how to decide which approach is more appropriate
  • A detailed analysis of the sample testing cycle, focusing on potential difficulties and problems at each stage, and how to overcome any foreseeable obstacles
  • Why do software bugs exist?
  • The importance of regression testing, and how to identify any potentially disruptive changes
  • How beta testing became the norm
  • A comparison of test automation against manual testing